Khagesh Amin from the cricket capital of Gujarat to be the manager in T20 series.

Vadodara’s Khagesh Amin has been appointed as the manager of the Indian team in the T20 series against Afghanistan. This series of three matches will start from Mohali on 11th January. Khagesh Amin is also an IC-appointed member of the Apex Council of the Baroda Cricket Association.The Indian team will participate in the T20 series under the leadership of Rohit Sharma in this match against Afghanistan. After the World Cup, many senior players, including Rohit Sharma, were on rest, but in this series, the seasoned players, including Rohit Sharma, will show their wrist strength against Afghanistan.Khagesh Amin of Vadodara has been appointed as the manager of this team. Khagesh Amin has played 11 first class matches. He made his debut in 1991 and scored a half century in the first match. He was ranked as an all-rounder in the team. His selection as the team manager has created a happy atmosphere among BCCI and cricket fans.It is worth mentioning here that even earlier, the female cricketer of Vadodara, Geeta Gaiwad, has served as the manager of the Indian women’s cricket team against England. Apart from this, he has also been appointed as the manager of Delhi Capitals women’s cricket team.

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