Parul Uni. BBA student commits suicide at University Hostel.

Parul University, which is in the vortex of controversies, is once again in the news. A first year student of BBA has made headlines by jumping from the sixth floor of a hostel and committing suicide on Saturday night .

After the incident was reported to the Waghodia police, the police team reached the spot and started further investigation. According to the current discussion in the diocese, any incident happening in Parul University takes time to be disclosed or legal action taken.

19Year-old student: The whole incident revealed that this student was overly worried for the past two days. Anil Kevalram Patel, a 19-year-old student originally from Rajasthan, was studying in the first year of BBA at Parul University. He was staying in Atal Bhawan B Hostel for the last 8 months. According to the information, the deceased was worried for the last 2 days and when his friends asked him about it, he did not say anything.

The body of the student has been sent for post-mortem and an investigation has been launched into the cause of suicide. — Police Officer (Waghodia Police Station)

Deceased was restless : Deceased was awake till 3 am last night and seemed restless. So his friends asked what is the tension. But the dead student refused to say anything. Then his friends went to sleep. Anil jumped from the sixth floor of the hostel at 4.40 am and died on the spot.Police action: The student died on the spot after the incident. After informing the Waghodia police about the whole incident, the police team reached the spot and took possession of the body of the dead student. The body was shifted to Jarod Referral Hospital.The cause of the suicide remains unclear: On coming to know about the incident, the Vaghodia police rushed to the spot and started an investigation.

Student’s slippers were found from the dead body. The police sent the body of the student to Jarod Referral Hospital for post-mortem. The relatives of the deceased living in Ahmedabad rushed to the news of this incident. Apart from this, the deceased’s aunt’s son is also studying in Parul University.Parul University in Vadodara has recently been the centre of several controversies. In February 2024,the university was spotlighted for racial tensions when African students, part of an international exchange programme, allegedly faced discrimination. These students reported instances of verbal abuse, physical heckling, and assaults, marring their educational journey in India.

Further complicating the university’s standing, the Gujarat High Court in March 2024 condemned the administration for admitting 38 ineligible students, marking a severe breach of academic integrity.In a decisive move, the court ordered the university to refund the full fee, with interest and damages, totalling Rs 10 lakh to each affected student within a fortnight. The case also saw the university’s Registrar being scrutinized for potential perjury, with a directive for an affidavit submission

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