Caravan Classroom celebrates Gandhi Jayanti by cleaning Dumas Beach at Surat.

Surat Bureau: On October 2nd, 2021 approximately 50 volunteers from Caravan Classroom Foundation’ Wildlife Education Trust, Office of Development Commissioner- Special Economic Zone, Surat teamed up for the Beach Clean Up at Dumas to commemorate 152th Anniversary of Gandhi Jayanti.

Volunteers from each organization gathered at Dumas Beach and were disbursed into two groups, starting from opposite ends of the beach; meeting in the middle; spending more than two hours combing the beach for trash and debris Found that the majority of the garbage were bottle caps, straws, soda cans and cigarette butts.

Rajeshwari Singh- Director, Caravan Classroom delivered a brief speech in recognition of this project; that it was important that people become aware about the ill effects of Plastic Pollution.

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